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Johnathan Houle

Hey I'm John

Your Wedding Photographer! 

Imagine yourself in the future ... sitting on a comfortable chair in your cozy backyard, the family is over .. your grandchildren are playing with each other, the birds are chirping as the noise of the soft leaves are rustling.

You're surrounded with everyone you love ... you have a little moment to yourself thinking about everything that has led you to this point. 

At the glimpse of your eye ... 

You see your partner come out of the house and they're holding your wedding album ... your children and grandchildren gather around to see the beautiful moments of your magical day .. 

These are the emotions I want all couples to experience, the ability to relive their best moments with the people they love .. nothing else matters to them in that moment in time.


My goal is to make your wedding vision come to life by capturing all of your warm and intimate moments with the loved ones you cherish. 


Not only is it important to get beautiful records of your special day, but to also get them done right the first time. There's nothing more embarrassing than having to look at images of yourself that you don't connect with. 

In however many years from now, there may not be everyone who used to be around. In your everlasting photos, those people will remain to live on as their personalities shine through the images. 

How it all comes True ...

1. Unique Consultation

With this very important free consultation.. we'll get to know each other, understand your vision & dreams, see how I can make it all happen!

2. Book Your Dream Photographer

We never want to look back on our photos with regret of not picking the right photographer. Get the right photographer the first. time.

3. Receive answers & support 

I'm here for you day & night, if you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to get in touch. 

4. Build Trust 

Not only do we build trust from the initial consultation, even better we can boost that by doing an engagement session together. 

5. Celebrate!!

We don't need much explaining for this part ... at this point we know each other well .. Let's PARTY & capture all the candid, natural, couple shots we talked about!

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